Foods That Help Lose Belly Fat

December 2nd, 2009 | by admin |

Everyday people decide that they want to lose weight. It doesn’t matter if the fat is all over their body or if they are hoping to lose it from a specific place. One place that is very common for people to want to lose fat is their stomachs. There are several foods that help lose belly fat and the most effective way is to work these specific foods into your diet. Fat in the stomach area has been connected to monosaturated fat.

Although theses helpful foods don’t attack the fat in your belly, they do help you to feel more full which in turn helps keep you from over eating. If theses foods that help you lose weight do their job, your belly fat will decrease. Unfortunately there is no magical food that simply melts the fat away from your belly, however if you work these foods into your diet you will lose fat overall and generally it will come from your belly.

Canola Oil: One of the foods that has the highest concentration of monosaturated fat is Canola oil. Working this into your diet is not hard, since it is used for cooking. This is definitely one of the best foods that help lose belly fat. If you don’t do a lot of cooking, you can even mix a tablespoon into your protein shake, and you won’t even taste it.

Hazelnuts, Cashews & Almonds: Another good food to help you lose belly fat is a variety of nuts. Hazelnuts, cashews and almonds are all good sources of monosaturated fats. You can eat theses as a snack or even throw them onto a salad.

Honey Nut Oatmeal: Add some honey and nuts into oatmeal at breakfast and it will be delicious and help you to lose belly fat.

In the end of your fight for a flatter tummy, you can incorporate theses foods into your daily diet. These foods to help you lose belly fat are simple to incorporate and mixing them into your diet can be easy and will help you lose unwanted weight.

Keep in mind that if you exercise in addition to eating food that help you lose belly fat, those that are low in monosaturated fat and your belly fat loss goals will be reached quicker than you ever imagined. Exercise means that you can make twice as many mistakes in your diet than if you don’t.

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