Difference Between Losing Weight and Losing Fat

January 3rd, 2010 | by admin |

When someone tells you that they want to lose weight, what do they actually mean? Losing weight implies that someone wants to become lighter. However, it’s a fallacy that’s been reinforced in the last few decades. Losing weight won’t make you healthy necessarily, while losing fat will. There is a difference and not many people know about it. This article will also benefit weight lifters who want to cut fat from their bodies but not lose the muscle that they worked so hard to gain.

There are three kinds of weight that you can lose, two which are more important than the other one.

1. Water weight

Water weight is a basically what it implies: is simply water that for some reason or another is retained in your body. Some diets and workout routines encourage people to drink water before a work out so that then they work out, they can lose more weight. There isn’t a lot known about how it works but it’s safe to say it’s not  the kind of weight loss we’re concerned with.

2. Muscle weight

This is the weight that most people lose. When you watch the Biggest Loser and see the transition of those people, you might marvel at how much weight they’ve lost but have a think to yourself. Would you recognize the difference between someone who’s fat and someone who’s just big? Shows like the Biggest Loser reinforce that losing fat and losing weight are one and the same thing when really, they’re totally different. Protein is muscle is strength. You don’t want to lose it. Fat, in excess, is what is harmful to you.

3. Fat

A good example of people who are big but have little fat are sumo wrestlers. Their high in protein diet increases their weight and muscular density (and hence, strength) but they’re flexible, healthy and lean. Believe it or not, a skinny guy in the audience who could be half the sumo wrestlers weight could be “fatter” than the sumo wrestler! This is the type of weight we want to lose. If we decreased our body fat percentages to below 10%, we might not lose that much weight at all. Generally, when we lose fat, we lose weight as well.

So, how do you go about just losing fat and not muscular weight? The one key thing you have to keep in mind when losing fat is to have your calorie outtake through exercise exceed your calorie intake or being in an energy deficit. That’s all there is to it. Then, it’s just a question of what’s the most efficient way of maintaining this energy deficit for as long as possible.



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